Wearing a face mask is an essential protective behaviour, but it can cause annoying consequences to your skin such as redness, itching and irritation, especially to those who use them for many hours a day.

To prevent or treat irritation caused by the use of the mask

It is essential to start with a correct daily cleansing using a delicate cleansing milk with mallow, and an azulene toner, then protect your skin with a good moisturizing and soothing cream made with apricot, calendula flower extract and aloe Barbadensis from Madagascar, which give relief and a pleasant feeling of freshness, soothing redness and itching.
Let’s not forget our lips, which deserve particular attention, not only for the mask but also for the cold weather. Protect them with a lip balm rich in precious vegetable oils, beeswax, orange essential oil and cocoa fruit powder. The lip balm can also be used on cheekbones and nose, as an emollient and to prevent chafing.
Here’s some tricks, also to put on and remove the mask.
There are hygienic rules to follow. As a prevention, it is always advisable to wash your hands with water, sanitize them at any time, avoiding the proliferation of bacteria and viruses. Nebulize Qualamano Spray, made with concentrated extract of grapefruit seeds, essential oils of thyme, cloves and lemon peel. QUALAMANO has no side effects and guarantees a high level of safety. Thanks to these features, it is highly recommended for children too. This product can also be sprayed on the mask, a few sprays on both sides and your airways will benefit from a balsamic aromatherapy.

Frequent use of unsuitable hand disinfectant products, repeated washing and prolonged use of disposable gloves are some of the indications that we have been following daily for months. These rules have now become habits, but if on the one hand it is right to keep on protecting ourselves, on the other hand, the first negative effects are already visible on our skin causing damages like, among others, dermatitis, itching, dried out, chapped and reddened hands.
How to keep your hands healthy?
The problem lies in the frequency of sanitizing procedures and the products we use for cleansing must be delicate, in order not to alter the hydrolipidic layer that protects our skin. It is necessary to use a cleanser based on chamomile extract, respectful of skin pH, and protective essential oils, ideal for frequent washing.
A hand and nail gel with a fast-acting sanitizing effect, ideal for the well-being and health of the skin of your hands in every situation. Enhanced by the essential oils of cloves, thyme and verbena with bactericidal and antiviral properties, its alcohol-based formula guarantees an immediate and safe effect. Its sanitizing but also emollient action makes it ideal for every use, even before wearing protective gloves. QUALAMANO GEL is perfect to sanitize, with its strong antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral properties, and it is naturally respectful of the hydrolipidic mantle, protecting and leaving your skin soft and dry.
Moisturize hands regularly as well, with a softening, nourishing cream based on shea butter and centella asiatica extract, with aloe barbadensis juice, to ensure proper hydration and protection. For the driest skin, prefer a nourishing cream made with shea butter and macadamia oil.

How can we strengthen our immune defenses and keep our body always strong and ready to fight any virus or bacteria in a natural way?
Defending ourselves must be our priority, especially in winter and in times like this, with viruses spreading all over. We must take care of our body, because health determines our quality of life, and above all, we must boost our immune system.
An antioxidant and immunostimulating food supplement is essential and ideal for everyone, for those who are exposed for a long time to temperature excursions, sudden changes in pressure, but above all to protect us. Based on vitamin C, eleutherococcus, echinacea and white willow extract, +Defence will be your perfect ally.