Calcium Metabolism

30 days to strengthen yourself

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What it does

Phase 2 Calcium Metabolism has multiple benefits: fortifying bones and cartilages, improving stress resistance, memory, skin beauty, quality of sleep and immune defenses.

How it works

The Program provides calcium in the form of bioavailable dolomite that, binding itself to the vitamin D of cod liver oil, is conveyed to strengthen bones, ligaments and connective tissue (nails, teeth, eyes, hair).

Who can benefit

Various kinds of pollution, sedentary lifestyle and tensions make Calcium Metabolism recommended for everyone and especially for women in menopause and pregnancy, children and teenagers in the growth stage, elderly people and sportsmen.


Silicium and calcium: why do we need them?

Silicium has the fundamental task of fixing calcium into bones. Our body normally contains from 1,2 to 2 kg of calcium: 99% builds up the skeleton, while the remaining 1% is found in the soft tissues and in the extracellular sector. Calcium boosts the bone structure integrity, but its task is also to coagulate the blood and regulate the nervous system and immune defenses. In addition, it is responsible for cell regeneration, and therefore is essential for life.


Don't I already get them through a balanced diet?

Our diet is poor of these precious elements due to food industrialization and the deficiency is linked to lifestyles: use of drugs, gastro-intestinal malabsorption, vitamin D deficiency, improper nutrition and aging. We can help ourselves by increasing fruit and vegetables in our diet, while it is not advisable to increase dairy products that bring with them a series of contraindications, so we recommend limiting their intake.


The virtuous cycle of Calcium Metabolism

Years of studies and research have led us to the development of the natural Calcium Metabolism Program. Flour for Bones provides the precious mineral; Cod Liver Oil gives vitamin D that carries it into the bones where it is fixed by the 100% pure silicium of the Silicic Acid Gel. The metabolism of calcium absorption is strengthened by the trace elements given by +Vitamins and Minerals.

Calcium Metabolism against stress

In case of particular tiredness or grumpiness, the Program is the ideal solution to give our body a boost, improving resistance to stress, concentration and the quality of sleep. Suitable for everyone, because it provides an immediate response to organic needs, it also strengthens the immune defenses, becoming the ideal ally for students under pressure, pregnant women, athletes or people subjected to very intense rhythms of life. Especially in autumn and winter, the Program can be very useful to keep us fit, fight vitamin deficiency conditions and protect us from viral attacks.

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