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What it does

Phase 3 Maintenance aims to maintain over time the results obtained thanks to the first two phases of the wellbeing program, and to strengthen the organic memory.

How it works

The main protagonist of the third phase is "MeiDei", the exclusive juice of wild Aloe Barbadensis Miller with a powerful antioxidant and cell regenerating action.

The purifying and stimulating effect on metabolism is enhanced with Equisetum (pure Horsetail capsules) and BodyMei. These two herbal supplements enhance the action of Aloe Juice.

What effect does it have

The action of the three natural supplements will result in the enhancement of blood values, a better diuresis, and the consequent elimination of toxins. It will contrast fluid retention effectively and slow down the aging processes, giving new tone and brightness to the skin, while strengthening muscles at the same time.


The products of the Maintenance Program