24 days to purify our body

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What it does

Complete detoxification aimed at the excretory organs and tissues, i.e. those involved in the disposal of toxins and metabolic waste: skin, kidneys, bowels, liver, blood. Thanks to the general purifying action, stimulating the metabolism and the lymphatic stagnation, a loss of weight can be observed, variable according to one's situation.

How it works

In the 24 days of duration, specific herbal products are combined with a structured dietary education organized in a 6-day menu to be repeated 4 times.

Who can benefit

It is recommended to everyone from the age of development. It has no side effects.


Why do I need to detox?

Our body gets "intoxicated" both for our lifestyle and for the environment in which we live: food excesses bring a few extra kilos, poor hydration, lack of healthy movement and profuse sweating; the smog that we breathe and that poisons our skin; living in closed environments, in poorly ventilated and overheated indoors; last but not least, the dyes of our clothes and socks.


Food education

A correct diet begins with the knowledge of intoxicating foods and incorrect food associations, in order not to produce toxins that, if released into the blood, cause alterations in the gastric mucosa, intestinal flora, correct hepatobiliary and renal function. Eating healthy, chewing for a long time, having five small daily meals, drinking in small sips throughout the day - that’s the modus vivendi that should inspire us.

Detoxify from inside and outside

With the products of the first Detox phase you will achieve the following results: deep skin cleansing from oxidative stress with the Tonifying Emulsion, reinvigorating its protective function and boosting secretions, thermoregulation and enhancement of sensory activities; normalization of the bacterial flora’s alteration and digestive pH of the intestine with the Compound Drink and BioMei Vinegar; kidney detoxification with the Horsetail Infusion; limiting blood intoxication with Soy Lecithin; liver detoxification with Dandelion and Artichoke; a great boost to the immune system with a feeling of mental euphoria thanks to Vitagel.

The products of the Detox Program