Le domande frequenti sui prodotti fitocosmetici naturali

No, the products are obtained only from selected plants for their effectiveness and safety degree. They do not have direct or indirect side effects (association with drugs or other).

Yes, there are specific warnings for certain products as indicated in the specific technical data sheet.

Yes, MEI products can also be given to children. Normally the recommended dosage is halved up to 10-12 years; from 12 years upwards, the standard dosage applies.

Given the quality and concentration degree, the result is almost immediate. However, it should be underlined that natural products do not act with the same principle as drugs and therefore require an average period of intake. It is the so-called "organic memory" process that the natural active ingredients trigger. The ideal average intake period is at least 8 weeks.

No, the phytocomplex type of our products does not cause addiction or dependency.

The latter, like other herbal remedies, are considered natural drugs: extremely diluted substances (homeopathic) or extremely concentrated substances (mother tinctures), in which there is also a trace of the toxic or poisonous component of officinal plants. In these cases, their use is on prescription from a homeopath or phytotherapist. Homeopathic and phytotherapic remedies can have side effects. On the other hand, the herbal product is a natural remedy derived from the popular tradition (the so-called "barefoot medicine") in which the plants used and the form of intake do not present side effects.

Phytocosmetic refers to the production technique that uses fresh extracts or plants as characterizing ingredients. It differs from traditional cosmetics for the low content of preservatives and synthetic excipients for the benefit of the skin. The non-use of aggressive substances significantly lowers sensitivity or allergy levels.

No, the plants used for MEI products are wild, spontaneously growing plants. Vegetables for herbal use should not be confused with common fruit and vegetables. The excellent officinal plants are precisely those that have always grown in their original habitat and are picked by hand in the balsamic stage. Only those become MEI products.

From the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, the Dolomites and the Venetian Pre-Alps and from Sicily for national plants. From all over the world, with the same degree of strict selection, for exotic plants.

No, herbal products have a recommended "best before..." date beyond which the product can still be used without side effects. Having a proven shelf life of over 36 months from the production date, phytocosmetics have no expiry date.