Beauty Treatments


The skin is a real organ, that’s why the beauty routine must follow precise rules in order to protect it from external aggressions, atmospheric agents and aging. Even your body and face need attention, to make skin look soft, toned and flawless with the most suitable skincare routine. Some simple habits are enough to notice a visible and immediate improvement.


Anti Age Treatment

— A facial treatment with amazing results against wrinkles!


Grapefruit Peeling

A delicate peeling based on grapefruit seed extract, with an antibacterial and anti-free radical action to detoxify the skin, deeply removing dead cells and heavy metals. Ideal for face, neck and décolleté, to be massaged until absorbed and then rinsed with water. Your skin will turn incredibly fresh!

Tamanu Cream

An anti-aging face cream with the essential oil of Tamanu fruit with a very pleasant and fragrant texture. To be applied day and night on face and décolleté, with a light massage, it restores brightness and tone all at once!

Vitamin Serum

An extraordinary serum to achieve an important result. Thanks to Vitamin E and F, enhanced by azulene from wild chamomile, it has an extremely regenerating effect. The Serum should also be applied to the eye contour area at night or as a base for the day face cream. An extraordinary treatment!

Deep Moisture Treatment

— Get a fresh and moisturized skin with this special treatment, suitable for all skin types.


Tonifying Emulsion

A green clay-based scrub with lemon essential oil and green apple juice to detoxify the skin, removing dead skin cells and heavy metals in depth. Apply it on the face, neck and décolleté, massage until absorbed and rinse with water. Your skin will look extremely fresh!

Moisturizing Apricot Face Cream

With moisturizing, refreshing and soothing action thanks to calendula flowers and helichrysum essential oil, totally “dipped” in fresh apricot pulp juice. A pleasantly scented cream, suitable for all skin types that will literally make your skin bloom again.


Detoxifying Treatment

— A detoxifying body treatment that will make your skin feel oxygenated, soft and regenerated in just a few steps.


Tonifying Emulsion

A peeling made with green clay, castor oil and green apple juice to detoxify the skin, deeply removing dead cells and heavy metals. Apply all over the body, massage until absorbed and proceed with the shower.

Body Fluid

A rich, elastifying and highly moisturizing milk with a pleasant texture. The properties of vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter harmonize with horsetail oil and alfalfa extract, making your skin very soft. Apply daily after the shower.

Cellulite Draining Treatment

A complete treatment to combat cellulite and regain a perfect silhouette!


Start Up

A ready-to-use mud made with green clay, apple vinegar, seaweed blend and eleven 100% natural essential oils.
It should be applied to areas affected by fluid retention and deposits, left it on working for 20 minutes under cover and rinsed with water.

Juniper Gel

Made with essential oils of juniper, fennel and orange, to be applied every day on legs, abdomen and all retention areas. It will give you a very pleasant freshness and lightness feeling. Also ideal for cold packs - keeping it in the refrigerator - in case of painful veins or circulatory problems. Relaxing effect.

BodyMei Gel

A body and breast fluid with a toning, firming and anti-stretch mark action. Ideal for the upper body (arms, under arms, neck and décolleté), it can also be extended to the whole body. Apply it every morning after shower and it is also indicated for the breasts, leaving it on a few minutes until fully absorbed. This combination will give you visible results in no time!